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Paid Parental Leave

NARAL believes everyone should be able to choose if and when to start a family, and access to a paid parental leave program is an important part of our mission. Around the country, working parents struggle to afford what is best for their families. More often than not, parents are forced to choose between paying their bills and staying home to bond with their infant during the critical, early months of a child’s life.

The United States is one of only two countries in the world without paid maternity leave. Every parent deserves quality time to nurture their children without the fear of financial instability. A paid parental leave program will stop employers from denying new parents that precious time, and provide all families with the dignity of paid time off to care for children. When parents are forced to abandon their children for a paycheck, the whole family suffers.

Outlaw Pregnancy

Outlaw Pregnancy Discrimination

Protecting pregnant women is a very important part of NARAL’s mission. Even in 2015, there are places across the United States where discrimination against pregnant employees is not illegal. When employers do not provide temporary and reasonable accommodations for expectant mothers, those women sometimes have to choose between a paycheck and their pregnancy. No woman should feel she has to make decisions about her health and family due to pressure and intimidation from her employer.

In the last year, the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission received 3,400 reports of pregnancy-related workplace discrimination. Since there are limited outlets for reporting and proving discrimination, we know this number is actually much higher. NARAL will continue to fight to protect pregnant woman from discrimination at work and we believe this is a right all women should be guaranteed.

Access to Abortion

Access to Abortion

Access to safe and legal abortion is the cornerstone of reproductive freedom and the mission of NARAL. Every woman should choose if and when to have a family and we must protect that choice. We know 60% of women who have an abortion are already mothers and may make their decision because they cannot afford to grow their family. Some women are simply not ready to be mothers and some are victims of rape and incest. Whatever the reason behind their decision to terminate a pregnancy, we at NARAL believe it is only the woman’s decision to make

Extremists in state legislatures around the country have attempted to roll back the clock on reproductive rights and many have succeeded in codifying anti-choice attacks on women and their families. NARAL will continue to fight these laws and the elected officials who support them. We want to expand opportunities for families and protect every woman’s constitutional right to choose what is best for her future. The majority of Americans trust women to make decisions about when, where, and how to have families without the interference from politicians. Reproductive choices should be made in consultation with a woman, her family, and her doctor.


Affordable Contraception

99 percent of sexually active women between the ages of 15 and 44 use some form of contraception and yet many women do not have access to affordable and medically appropriate birth control. If an employer is morally or religiously opposed to family planning, they are legally allowed to eliminate any and all forms of contraception from their employees’ insurance plans. We know access to contraception decreases unwanted pregnancies, and a woman’s ability to control her reproductive health is directly related to her participation in the economy. Yet, we see many employers who feel their moral objection to common sense family planning outweighs a woman’s autonomy over her body.

Not all forms of contraception are right for each woman. Economic and health factors dictate what birth control works best for women and their families. Legislators in Colorado denied funding for a contraception program for low income women that reduced unintended pregnancies and abortions by 42 percent. Even in the face of a program that proved successful, these anti-choice politicians made health care decisions for thousands of women who desperately need contraception. Too often, women must decide between birth control covered by their insurance and the contraception method that is best for their health. This is unacceptable and counterintuitive. NARAL will continue to fight on behalf of women seeking contraception and will stand up to employers and politicians who want to deny women the right to make reproductive care decisions for themselves.

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